How to Record Screen on Android Phone | Fastest Procedures

How to Record Screen on Android Phone

How to record a screen on an Android phone is one common question most Android phone users have been asking us here at Yourpalpoint. This article is basically created to help Android users get acquainted with their device features. I had to get an Android phone and use the screen recording feature on the phone in order to come up with this article. I would not have started recording my phone screen with another phone. The Android feature in my phone helped me to record my screen seamlessly.

About Android Screen Recording

Screen recording has become a popular feature for Android users, allowing them to capture and share their phones’ activities seamlessly. It has aided people in making tutorial videos and recording YouTube videos, especially the ones related to Android phones. Also, people use it to record any random clip they think their friends or people may find interesting. It is also used for capturing gameplay, showcasing specific app features or troubleshooting endeavours. You may wish to learn how to record screens on an iPhone.

Steps on how to record screen on Android phone with built-in screen recording app

In this article, I will outline the necessary steps to record the screen on an Android phone. It is pertinent to note that these steps may slightly vary depending on the brand and version of Android being used. For this sole reason, I will explain how to use the screen record feature in your Android when your phone has the feature added by the Android brand developers and when you don’t.

First of all, you have to check if your Android device has built-in screen recording functionality. Many Android phones come with pre-installed screen recording features. The built-in screen recording feature is always in the newer versions of Android phones such as Androids with versions 10 and 11 with their unique features. Most times, some Android phones may have the built-in recording feature but it won’t be at the notification panel. To add it, follow these steps: To check if your phone has this capability, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the notification panel
  2. Look for the edit button (looks like a pencil) and tap on it
  3. You will see all the possible app icons that can appear in the notification area
  4. Look for the screen recording or screen capture button
  5. Please select it and place it where you want it by holding and dragging it.
  6. Open the app or screen you want to record.
  7. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification panel.
  8. Look for a “Screen Recording” or “Screen Capture” option which you have added and tap on it.
  9. A countdown will begin before the recording starts. Ensure your desired area is visible on the screen.
  10. To stop the recording, tap on the screen and find the “Stop” (usually a square or rectangle icon) button in the notification panel or the recording toolbar. Some devices may give you the option of using the power button to end the recording.

Steps on how to record screen in Android phone with third-party screen recording apps

Now, for Android phones that do not have the built-in screen recording or screen capture feature, follow these steps to install the third-party screen recording app.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for “screen recording apps” or “screen capture apps.
  3. Browse through the options such as AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, or Mobizen Screen Recorder read their reviews, and select an app that suits your requirements and has positive user feedback.
  4. Install the selected app on your Android device.

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General steps to follow in every screen recording app

Each screen recording app may have a different user interface, but here are the general steps to follow:

Launching the screen recording app

After successfully installing the screen recording app on your Android phone, proceed to open it. You will have to Grant the necessary permissions the app requires to record your screen. As the app launches, you will notice a floating recording button on your screen. This button will remain on the screen throughout the recording session, allowing for easy access and control.

Setting up the screen recording app

Some screen recording apps offer users the flexibility to customize various settings before commencing the recording. These customization options can include video resolution, frame rate, audio source, and more. Take advantage of these settings to ensure the best recording quality according to your preferences.

How to start recording screen on an Android phone

With the necessary settings, it is time to initiate the screen recording process. Simply tap on the recording button, and the app will commence capturing your screen activities. A countdown or notification will appear, indicating that the recording has started. During this phase, certain apps may request permission to record audio or access storage. It is crucial to grant these permissions to ensure a smooth recording experience. Once the recording starts, seize the opportunity to demonstrate the desired screen actions. Navigate through different apps, showcase gaming experiences, or exhibit unique features. This step allows you to present a comprehensive recording that effectively communicates your intended message.

How to stop recording screen on Android phone

To stop the recording, open the notification shade on your phone and locate the screen recording notification. Usually, you will find a “Stop” or “Pause” button that will halt the recording process. In some instances, apps may provide additional methods for stopping the recording, such as shaking your device, pressing the power button or tapping on the floating recording button.

Saving and accessing the screen-recorded file

After terminating the recording, the screen recording app will process and save the captured video. You may choose to set the location in which the file will be saved. To access the recorded video, consult the app itself or navigate to your phone’s gallery or file manager. By following these steps, you can effortlessly retrieve and review the recorded content.

By following these steps, you can capture your Android phone’s screen effortlessly either with the built-in functionality or with third-party screen recording apps. Whether you want to showcase your app functionalities or create engaging tutorials, screen recording empowers you to share and explore various possibilities. However, it is essential to remember that slight variations in these steps may occur based on the specific brand and Android version being used. So, go ahead and start recording your Android device to unleash its full potential!

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