Google Unveils Unknown Tracker Alerts for Android | Activate Yours Stay Safe

Google Unknown Tracker Alerts for Android

Google unveils unknown tracker alerts for Android to help Android device users to get alerts for unauthorized tracking attempts on their devices. It is amazing how big tech companies are setting standards to help safeguard the privacy of digital citizens. Google and Apple are leading in this mission to reduce the misuse of location-based tracking systems in electronic devices. Recently, they reached an agreement to have industry standards on how users’ location data could be tracked or used. Privacy is a big concern for every digital citizen. The increasing demand for a better approach to handling users’ data can’t be overemphasised. In this article, you shall learn a better way to activate and manage unknown tracker alerts for Android as released by Google. According to Google, with automatic alerts and manual scanning, unknown tracker alerts can help keep you safe. After reading this article thoroughly, you can then relax and go about your business knowing fully well that you have put some tracking activities in check.

About Unknown Tracker Alerts for Android

Google unknown tracker alerts for Android is a new feature that protects Android users from potential threats to their privacy and security and unwanted Bluetooth tracking on their Android devices. This feature was announced by Google during its Google I/O 2023. It is currently enabled for Android 6.0+ users. Bluetooth tracking for illegal activities like stalking and theft has become one of the big threats to mobile device users. In an effort to mitigate these challenges and provide users with the tools they need to protect themselves, Google launched the unknown tracker alerts feature for Android users. According to Google, the Unknown Tracker alerts currently work with Apple AirTags. They said they will continue to work with tag manufacturers to expand this important protection to other tracking tags over time through joint industry specifications.

How Unknown Tracker Alerts for Android Works

The way the unknown tracker alerts work is simple but extremely efficient. Below are the ways it works;

How Unknown Tracker Alerts Works

Get notified automatically for unknown trackers

It notifies you (your Android Smartphone) if an “unusual/unknown” tracker is separated from its actual owner(you) and if it is travelling with the device (you). You will be able to expand that notification and see the exact location where the tracker supposedly came in contact with the device. A “Play Sound” option will enable you to trigger a noise on the tracker that only you will be able to hear in order to locate the tracker. The actual owner of the tracker will be kept aloof from this entire process.

Stop Unknown Bluetooth Tracker

Act immediately on an unknown tracker alert

Once you are notified on your device and you are able to locate and learn more about the unknown tracker, Google will provide other tips on the action to take including easy step-by-step guides to disable the tracker.

On getting the identified tracker close to the back of your smartphone, more information about the tracker and the owner of the device like the last four digits of the owner’s phone number including the device serial number will be made available to you. With the provided information, you can take legal action against the tracker owner when and where necessary.

You can also learn how to physically disable the Bluetooth tracker completely, so the device will stop the owner from receiving future location updates from the tracker.

Scan your surroundings manually

Another way the Unknown Tracker Alerts works is that it allows you to manually scan your surrounding to make sure you are actually free from intrusive tracking attempts. With the feature, you can manually scan your surroundings to find rogue trackers around you without actually waiting for a notification from Google.

In order to set this,

  1. Navigate to your device Settings
  2. Select Safety & Emergency
  3. You will see Unknown Tracker alerts.
  4. Tap the “Scan Now” button.
  5. Your device will take about 10 seconds to complete a manual scan, and then you’ll see a list of trackers that are currently determined to be near you and separated from their owner’s device. You can get tips on what to do next by tapping the listed tracker.
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With this feature rollout, Google is working closely with Apple to make user safety and security a top priority. Google will also update its Find My Device Network to enable you to keep track of your belongings. However, the rollout of this feature will be delayed until Apple integrates the network with its protection for iOS and could happen by the end of this year.

So what do you think of this new privacy feature from Google? Will this actually help you? Do you think this is the right move toward individual privacy and security? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Unknown Tracker Alerts on Android?

Unknown Tracker Alerts is a new feature introduced by Android to enhance user security. It is designed to safeguard Android users from stalking incidents involving Bluetooth tracking devices like Apple’s AirTags. The feature automatically alerts users whenever a new tracker is detected in their immediate area, allowing them to be aware of potential tracking attempts.

2. Why was the introduction of Unknown Tracker Alerts necessary?

Bluetooth tracking devices like Apple AirTags have become popular for helping users find misplaced items. However, concerns about privacy and security arose due to the misuse of these devices, leading to stalking and illegal tracking incidents. The absence of such protections on Android devices put users at risk, prompting the need for a solution.

3. How do Unknown Tracker Alerts work?

When an unknown Bluetooth device is detected in the user’s immediate area, an alarm will sound automatically, alerting the user that they may be being followed or stalked. Users can also manually scan for trackers using their Android device, and if one is discovered, they’ll receive instructions on how to deal with it. The feature provides valuable data about the tracker’s location and serial number, empowering users to assess their risk and take appropriate action.

4. How can Android users use Unknown Tracker Alerts?

Android users can enable Unknown Tracker Alerts by going to their device’s Settings, tapping on “Safety & Emergency,” and selecting “Unknown Tracker Alerts.” From there, they can manually initiate a scan for nearby Bluetooth trackers, and if any are found, they’ll receive guidance on what to do next.

5. What other security measures has Android implemented?

Apart from Unknown Tracker Alerts, Android has also made updates to its Find My Device system. This revision enables users to use third-party Bluetooth tracker tags to find misplaced items like headphones, phones, luggage, and keys. Android’s Find My Device network supports compatibility with various tracker brands, ensuring users can locate their devices even when they are not online.

6. What is the collaboration between Android and Apple for industry-wide standards?

Google and Apple are working together to create a joint specification for unwanted tracker alerts by the end of the year. Both companies are committed to user security, and this collaboration aims to standardize Bluetooth tracking devices to make users safer across different platforms.

7. How does Android prioritize user safety and privacy?

Android, as a leading player in the mobile technology landscape, places a premium on user safety and privacy. By introducing features like Unknown Tracker Alerts and collaborating with industry leaders, Android demonstrates its dedication to providing cutting-edge technology while maintaining user trust.

8. How can Android users benefit from Unknown Tracker Alerts?

Unknown Tracker Alerts equip Android users with the means to identify and counter tracking threats. The feature empowers users to take immediate action upon detecting potential stalking or illegal tracking attempts, enhancing their privacy and safety in the fast-paced digital world.

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