Nigerian Immigration Portal login in 5 Seconds

Nigerian immigration login portal

Nigerian Immigration Portal login in 5 Seconds Are you thinking of travelling abroad, international passport renewal, Nigerian immigration recruitment portal, checking shortlisted candidates, or taking the Immigration Computer Based Test (CBT)? Then understanding how to log in to the Nigerian immigration portal will save you tons of energy and money. If any of the above-mentioned activities are related to what you want or you have anything to do with the Nigerian immigration portal login, then this page is for you.

In this article, readers will see guidelines on how to log in to the Nigerian immigration portal, and Nigerian immigration recruitment portal, how to check shortlisted candidates, download the list in PDF format, how to successfully take your Immigration CBT Aptitude test, and perform other necessary activities in minutes. Stay tuned and learn. Don’t forget to drop a comment or share the article.

Nigerian Immigration Recruitment Portal 2023

Annually, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruits qualified and interested Nigerian citizens into the agency to help them achieve the goals assigned to the agency by the Federation of Nigeria. The NIS recruitment exercise usually starts on the Nigerian Immigration recruitment portal online free of charge. Because it is free, the Nigerian Immigration Portal login knowledge will save you time and money when applying for the NIS recruitment exercise. This is because you can do it anytime on your own without standing in a queue, cyber cafe, or paying anyone. Do note that the Nigerian Immigration recruitment application portal 2023 is now open for interested and qualified candidates to apply online free of charge.

Nigerian Immigration International passport renewal

The Nigerian Immigration International passport renewal is carried out to validate and enable the passport bearer to travel to and fro after the passport has expired. Before one travels out of Nigeria legally, it is expected that one obtains the Nigerian immigration passport which is usually 64 pages or 32 pages. Once the Passport expires, then the international passport renewal is a must-do to revalidate your travelling.

In order to renew your Nigerian immigration passport, you need to log in to the Nigerian immigration portal and apply for passport renewal. If you don’t know much about the Nigerian Immigration Portal login, tell me how you can successfully apply for passport renewal. Of course, you will pay someone to do it for you, but is that safe? Traveling information is one of the things to keep private no matter how public you may be but if you don’t know to log in to the NIS portal and apply, you will definitely dish out your traveling information which is supposed to be private information to you. See more about Nigerian Immigration passport renewal here.

Nigerian Immigration Service Shortlisted Candidates 2023

The Nigeria Immigration Service has shortlisted successful candidates for the 2023 recruitment exercise. As usual, after the Nigerian immigration recruitment portal is opened for application within a specified period of time, the application is closed, and the selection process starts. Once that is done, the agency uploads successfully shortlisted candidates for applicants to check their names on the recruitment portal. It is required that the applicants log in to the NIS portal to check their names and the screening dates. Here is how to log in to the Nigerian immigration portal and check the names of shortlisted candidates. You can also download the names in PDF format.

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How to login to Nigerian Immigration Portal in 5 seconds

To log into the Nigerian immigration portal is simple and easy. All you need is an internet-enabled device and good network service coverage. The login speed depends on your device and the availability of internet service. Some people may log in in more or less than 5 seconds. Follow these steps to log in to the Nigerian immigration portal;

  1. On your preferred device launch your internet browser.
  2. Enter on the address bar and hit enter key.
  3. Enter your Nigerian immigration account login details.
  4. Click the login button at the bottom right.
  5. If your details are correct, you will automatically log in successfully else, access will be denied.


Is the Nigerian Immigration Service portal open?

Yes, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) portal is now open for the 2023/2024 recruitment exercise. Interested and qualified citizens of Nigeria are invited to apply on the portal before the application closes.

How to check the immigration shortlist for 2023

Follow the instructions below to check Nigerian Immigration Shortlisted Candidates 2023

  • Visit
  • Enter your Nigerian immigration account login details
  • On your dashboard, click on Shortlisted Candidates.
  • Download the PDF file
  • Search for your name on the NIS Shortlist you downloaded.

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