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Danger Dash – Run for your dear life from the wrought of angry tigers before you are devoured. Download and play the game of players who are not afraid to run beyond their limits to escape the dangers of the tigers in a dangerous dash to victory. Run through the jungle, survive scores of obstacles in a lost city, and hold on for your life in the mysterious temple! Only a real runner will survive! Are you one? This article discusses Danger Dash and how to download & install Danger Dash APK for Android, iPhone, Mac, & Windows devices.

About Danger Dash Game

Like Temple Run 2, Danger Dash is a mobile game for endless runners who run to save their lives from evil tigers on the street. With the game, you simply run for your precious life. It is a game for players who like taking risks and winning. Danger Dash has several stages but the themes are somewhat alike. Run, collect coins as you dodge obstacles, and use the coins to exchange for items to increase your running speed. Along the way, you will see weapons to help you defeat the animals you’re trying to get away from on some levels, collect them and make good use of them. The game trains you to be tough and escape from dangers no matter how bad the situation is. Tigers are dangerous animals and in Danger Dash, the player is being pursued by fearless and dangerous tigers. While running, tigers are on the trail to get hold of you without mercy. Make sure to keep running, jumping, sliding, and avoiding obstacles till you collect all the treasures that you want to collect from the land of roses. At times, there are traps that you need to avoid, such as a hole behind a rock or a piece of ground that opens up at the last second. New characters can be unlocked when you collect enough coins.

With Danger Dash, there are upgrades available, and challenges in the game, and there is no limit to the levels you can go, but you can’t add sound and the theme can be repetitive.

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Download Danger Dash app for Android (APK)

Danger Dash APK for Android enables gamers to download Danger Dash to their Android phones. The player of Danger Dash needs to run & escape from evil tigers in exotic settings! Are you passionate about the run? Beat your pals & become a real adventurer! Here is your pal point, where we talk everything games, movies, apps, and more.

Danger Dash – Apps on Google Play

Danger Dash can be downloaded free of charge from the Android play store. It has over 10K+ Downloads and players really enjoy the game on their Android devices.

Where to download Danger Dash from?

Danger Dash can be downloaded from file-sharing platforms like Softonic, Play Store, Waptrick, Xbox, etc.

Danger Dash Java Game – Download for free

Danger Dash Java Game. With Java phones, you can push your speed to the limit & escape from evil tigers in exotic settings by playing Danger Dash! Run, dodge obstacles & collect coins. You can download the Danger Dash Java game on Phoneky.

How to download Danger Dash for Android Devices

You can download Dash Dash for free on Android devices for free by simply following these steps.

  • Launch your Google Play store on your device
  • Ensure you have a good internet connection
  • Type “Danger Dash” on the search bar and hit enter key
  • You will Danger Dash with the picture above
  • Click on Install to download and install the App on your phone.

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