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Temple Run 2 download

Temple Run 2  game is an excellent endless runner game for mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. Traverse cliffs, forests, and even mines, and help this fearless treasure hunter escape with the gold idol. But hurry up! The evil monkey monsters are chasing you! Do you dare to join this exciting adrenaline-charged adventure? With millions of players from around the world being conquered, can you kill the chaser in the Temple and take the victory home? Have you been hearing of a Temple Run game, want to download it to join the race, proof your gaming power among other players around the world? This article is for you. Temple Run 2 is a really fun game, where you can spend hours and hours jumping, slipping, and dodging all of the obstacles that your brave protagonists must overcome in their desperate bid to escape.

Temple Run Game

The Temple Run 2 game, developed by Imangi, is a two or multi-player game that involves players running through an ancient temple while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. The game features stunning graphics and challenging gameplay. It is an endless runner game of the time with over 496 million searches on the Google search engine and over 500M+ downloads with over 10M+ reviews just on the Google Play store only.  Temple Run 2 is an infinite runner where the player must escape from his enemy and avoid all the obstacles and traps that are found along the way.

Temple Run 2 – Apps on Google Play

Looking for where to download Temple Run 2 for Android Mobile Smartphones? I guess you have heard of the or you must have been an ardent user of the popular Google Play store. The Temple Run 2 App is on Google Play and interested individuals can download it for free online. See how to download Temple Run 2 for Android below.

Temple Run 2 for Android

Temple Run 2 for Android is one of the most downloaded arcade action mobile games. On Playstore alone, there are over 500 million downloads with over 10M reviews but it can also be downloaded from Softonic, Waptrick, etc.

Recall that the Temple Run game is majorly designed for mobile devices and performs amazingly great on Android smartphones. Though you can play it also on Apple devices, it is more popular on Android Os devices.

Temple Run 2 on Poki

Temple run 2 Poki

Interested gamers can still play Temple Run 2 Poki on the Poki platform without having to download the game on their device. Wondering what Poki is? Poki is a completely free online playground that offers a super fun experience with the best online game selection. You can play alone or with friends online.  Test your running power with other players online and see if you can kill the chaser and bring the victory home. We await to celebrate with you. Subway Surfers is another interesting game to download or play on Poki. Download Subway Surfers now.

Temple Run 2 Lost Jungle

Lost Jungle is a map (runway) with lush jungle, huge vines, giant snakes, enormous Venus flytrap-like carnivorous plants, “demon crocs”, and temple remains as obstacles. It takes place in a jungle, hence its name. There is a temple in the jungle that is overgrown with vegetation.

How to download Temple Run 2

There are many platforms to download Temple Run 2 games from depending on the gamer’s device type with which to play the game. The gamer can download Temple Run 2 for Android from Play Store, iPhone version from App Store and PC from Xbox, and more.

The general way to Play Temple Run 2

There are many ways to play the Temple Run 2 game. All the ways are simple and easy. It could be played online or offline, on mobile or desktop computers, etc. In the game, the player sees himself as an archaeologist looking for wealth but experiences something unexpected.  The player surprisingly wakes up a thousand-year-old monster who unexpectedly starts chasing him infinitely. Then the player’s aim is to run for his life endlessly. Run that there are forces and do not let yourself be caught, jump over a lot of traps and run around dangerous areas and cliffs. Collect gold coins and other riches at the same time. You can also download it on Softonic.

How to play Temple Run 2 online

You can play the game online via your PC or Mac computer with a keyboard. Ensure the internet connection is good enough especially if you wish to compete with friends online. To play with a keyboard just master the steps below.

  • Move – AD or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump – W or Up arrow key
  • Slide down- S or Down arrow key

How to play Temple Run 2 on mobile phones

  • Move and turn – swipe left/right
  • Jump – swipe up
  • Slide – swipe down

Is Temple Run 2 free to play?

Yes, the Temple Run 2 game is free to play. The way Temple Run 2 makes money is through in-app purchases. These purchases help them to improve the gaming experience and (or) to remove the ads that appear while the game is being played.

Where can I download Temple Run 2?

You can download Temple Run 2 on the Play Store, Apple App Store, Softonic, Waptrick, Uptodown, etc where you will find the latest updated version of the app’s APK file. Once downloaded,  install the game and start playing. You can also play the game online via Poki.

Is there an end to Temple Run 2 game?

The answer is no. There is no end to Temple Run 2 and that is why it is called an infinite or endless run game. The player runs until the character in the game hits an obstacle, gets into the water, or until the player is overtaken by the demon monkeys.

Who created Temple Run 2?

It was created by Imangi.

How do you complete Temple Run 2?

Collect free coins, jump a second before you near the edges, upgrade your character stats, time your jumps well over double-jump obstacles, and make sure to complete stage objectives.

How can I play Temple Run 2 on PC?

You can play Temple Run 2 on your browser without installing or downloading it for free on Poki.

Does Temple Run 2 end?

No. just keep running until you hit an obstacle. In the game, the player plays by running until the character collides with a large obstacle, falls into the water, or is overtaken by the demon monkeys.

Is Temple Run 2 an online game or an offline game?

It can be played online on Poki. You need an internet connection to play Temple Run 2 on Poki. You can also download the game into your device and play it offline on your Android or iPhone devices.

What is the monster in Temple Run 2?

Evil Demon Monkeys (or devil monkeys) are the main antagonists of Temple Run and its sequel, Temple Run 2. They chase the player in their quest to retrieve the golden idol.

What is the power meter in Temple Run 2?

The power meter of Temple Run 2 is coins. Make sure to run fast, and collect coins as much as you can to fill the power meter in Temple Run 2 and unlock a temporary speed and invincibility boost.

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