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Zedge for Android

Zedge for Android: Make your smartphone look unique, and special and give it a feel that is never seen before.  Customize your Phone like a Pro and show how smart and creative you are. Change everything possible on your Android and have an exciting new experience. This is what Zedge for Android offers you free of charge. Do you have a mobile and want to take its look and feel to the next level such someone who sees it will know that it is something extraordinary? This article is for you. You can now customize your smartphone to suit your taste and wow your pals with beautiful, creative and outstanding ringtones, wallpapers, home screen app icons, widgets, and notification sound using Zedge for Android.

About Zedge

Zedge is a popular content distribution platform (website and app) that provides free wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds, and more for the customisation of mobile devices. It is an online marketplace that provides mobile phone consumers with a variety of options to customise and personalize their mobile devices. The options and customisations include but are not limited to ringtones, wallpapers, home screen app icons, widgets, and notification sounds.

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About Zedge for Android Devices.

Android phone users are generally large in number and Zedge is an Android customization app that provides free wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds, etc for Android phone users to customize their phones beyond default options. One interesting thing about Zedge for Android is that amateur and professional artists can launch a virtual storefront in Zedge allowing them to market and sell their content to Zedge’s global user base. By implication, other content creators can make money from the platform. The Zedge app has been downloaded over 436 million times has approximately 30 million monthly active users as of February 2, 2023, and has consistently ranked among the top 60 most popular free apps in Google Play in the US.

 Zedge Home Screen

After the phone case, the next definition of aesthetics and beauty of the mobile device is its home screen. With Zedge HD home screen wallpapers, you may be tempted to increase your screen display time out to more than 30 minutes. Oops! But that is true for anyone who likes something crazily astonishing, creative and unique. Zedge has millions of collections of home screen wallpapers for lovers of art to download from. A home screen, home screen, or start screen, is the main screen on a device or computer program. Home screens are not identical because users rearrange icons as they please, and home screens often differ across mobile operating systems. You can customise your mobile device home screen with Zedge home screen wallpapers for free.

Zedge App Icons

Express your uniqueness with your device app icons because nothing general is celebrated or loved. Despite how beautiful the mobile device app icon is, it can never be more beautiful than those unique ones that not everyone can easily access. An app icon otherwise termed application ico or an app logo is a unique image used to represent an app on a user’s device. It also appears in a smartphone’s settings and search bar in addition to users’ introductory glance within the App Store and Google Play Store. Every app on your mobile phone has a default look but can be customised to suit the device user. Zedge app icons will give you something spectacular.

Zedge Wallpapers

Zedge wallpaper is one of the most known contents on Zedge. Used for home screens, wallpapers, screen savers and more. Categorised into technology, nature, anime, action, etc to give users access to their choicest wallpapers. In fact, Zedge wallpaper is a topic of its own and I have taken time to talk about it extensively. You may wish to learn about it.

How to download Android wallpaper on Zedge

Android phones are flexible and let users customise everything including wallpapers and sounds. Users can change the look and feel of their device using custom launchers like GO Launcher or Nova Launcher.

With Zedge, users can download wallpapers both the phone gallery and the Zedge album. Zedge believes in the independence and freedom of users and therefore doesn’t limit wallpaper downloads to Zedge’s albums only.  The gallery is a collection of all the pictures on Android phones.

You can download Android wallpaper on Zedge via their website or the Zedge for Android App. To download wallpaper via the Zedge website, follow these procedures;

  • Launch your favourite web browser,
  • Visit the official Zedge website for Android or https://www.zedge.net/.
  • If you don’t have an account with Zedge yet, register for an account.
  • Then, select your device and search for a wallpaper of your choice.
  • Click on the Wallpaper you want.
  • Click on “Get Wallpaper”  to initiate the download process.

To download wallpaper via the Zedge for Android (App), follow these procedures;

  • Open your Google Play store if you don’t have Zedge App for Android phone
  • Search for Zedge
  • Hit the install button to download and install the Zedge App
  • Open the Zedge App once the download is completed
  • Create an account if you don’t have an account yet
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Search for the Wallpaper of your choice
  • Click on the Wallpaper you want.
  • Click on “Get Wallpaper”  to initiate the download process.

How to make money with Zedge

As I said earlier on this page, Zedge allows content creators to earn money directly from the platform. This is one of the unique ways they keep getting fresh and outstanding content for visitors to download. When visitors buy any content, some commission goes to the creator while others go to Zedge itself.

To start making money from Zedge, the applicant needs to be a Zedge member by creating an account with Zedge.

  • Once the account is created simply proceed to marketplace.zedge.net to fill out an application with at least 6 content items uploaded for review.
  • Wait for the review team to review your work.
  • Once the application is reviewed and approved, you’ll be able to start distributing your work within just a few minutes and start making money.

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